Between sleepless nights of toddler growth spurts, crazy messy house, hungry kids, school runs, homework, housework …  where is the time?

Between endless choices, an endless flow of online information, endless responsibilities … where is the time?

And when a moment of time does open up,  I quickly fill it up with my never-ending list of tasks. Is it a modern day issue, or a “Mother” thing, or just me? This is not a sustainable way of life, something gave, I’ve only so much energy (coffee will only get me so far!) and I lost my sense of purpose, my voice, my unique authentic self. I got tired. I got angry with the kids.

So I decided to do something, by doing nothing … I took time for Tea, to relax and do nothing (just for a moment). And the sun came out for a while and I felt myself blossom again. I really felt the spirit of Spring. My so called responsibilities melted away into that pot of tea and I understood for a moment my real responsibility is ME!

We have transformed from a nation of tea drinkers to a nation of coffee drinkers. Modern life is stimulating and instant. But I am learning not everything is instant (like growing a business or writing a blog post) and for those things that take time we need to be patient, to enjoy the journey and to take a Tea Break for ourselves. To go with the flow of life and reclaim time for tea (now having said all of this there will always be my sacred morning cup of coffee!!)

This cup of tea in my two hands

Mindfulness is held uprightly

Mind and body dwell

In the very here and now

            – Thich Naht Hanh



After a long Winter, Spring is in the air, let’s put it into our cup with this Spring tonic. Cleavers or sticky willy is growing on the hedgerow all around us. They make a great cleansing tonic, purifying the lymphatic system. Combine Cleavers with Nettle and this tea will really put a “spring” in your step. Traditionally it is said to have 3 good feeds of Nettle before the end of May for good health. Nettles are anti-inflammatory and are great for our gut health and if you’re suffering from allergies.

Cleaver and Nettle Tea

Handful of freshly picked Cleavers (wash before use)

Handful of freshly picked nettles (don’t forget your gloves when harvesting)

Place the plants in a teapot and pour over boiling water. Cover and leave to steep for 7 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day to really feel the benefits.

So why not reclaim some time for tea, some time for yourself. Get outside and forage some of Nature’s timely bounty and put it into your pot and drink it!!

And as we are out foraging the hedgerow, stay tuned for next week, where I’ll give some really versatile recipes for foraged herb pestos that not only give great flavour to any dish, but also are super healthy.

Is mise le meas,



fist full of Cleavers at Atlantic Pond


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