Veganuary, Veggie Ragu and 1 meal 5 ways

Well here is a recipe that I have been tweaking from Delicious magazine that hits a lot of the targets on my January list: it is vegan and gets the week off to a super organised start with many meals from 1 big pot. There is a lot of talk about veganism and a lot of…Read More

Christmas Spiced Semolina – A Traditional Winter Warmer

At JOUP we really believe in going to the traditional roots of our food and embracing those delicious food memories. Semolina for me conjures up childhood memories of sitting by the fire after a Sunday roast and eating a steaming bowl of semolina with a big dollop of jam. The other day my daughter came…Read More

A Tale of How Business Can Grow and Be Flexible with the Owners’ Changing Needs

What a journey it has been … it all started back in 2005 with a table, a big umbrella and a huge amount of passion.

Our Inspiration at JOUP

I came across the following inspiring words when I was reading a book called Benedictus by John O’Donoghue a while back.

Banana Ice Cream

Enjoying this glorious sun with the kids in the garden. We were in need of a treat, something easy, nutritious, cooling and available in our cupboards.

Wild garlic Spaghetti

Although Spring has sprung, and summer is apparently upon us (hard to tell looking out the window) wild garlic is still in its abundance and those beautiful white bell like flowers having been nodding to us from the roadside for a while now as we drive past busy, busy.