Pesto Pronto

Pesto can give any food a mega boost of flavour as well as a huge nutrient boost. A great way to get raw food into us, especially the wonderful health benefits of raw garlic and increase our intake of herbs. So it’s win, win! Pesto really just means “to crush” in Italian, so grab your…Read More

Taking Time For Tea

Between sleepless nights of toddler growth spurts, crazy messy house, hungry kids, school runs, homework, housework …  where is the time? Between endless choices, an endless flow of online information, endless responsibilities … where is the time? And when a moment of time does open up,  I quickly fill it up with my never-ending list…Read More

Celebrating Community – and a Recipe for a New Economy

Looking around our little gathering I realised the importance of celebrating our successes. To reflect on how far we have come and to celebrate the path ahead. It is too easy to let celebrations slip by and to not embrace them. It feels good to hold our head high and say “Yes, it has been…Read More

Family Feasts and Cycling Adventures

Exercising Together, Cooking Together, Feasting Together   Introducing my pride and joy … my big mama’s bike and my way of trying to get fit. I can carry 2 kids, one in the front and one in the back. We turn heads as we cruise along, I like to think it’s because people are admiring…Read More

Simple Sundays and Honey Spelt Scones

It felt so right to just hang-out outside, with no agenda, making the most of this mild winter. The kids so easily immerse themselves in nature, free of time and space. We all felt rejuvenated and relaxed, a Simple Sunday; instead of children bouncing off walls at home, and the perfect contrast to the usual…Read More

Veganuary, Veggie Ragu and 1 meal 5 ways

Well here is a recipe that I have been tweaking from Delicious magazine that hits a lot of the targets on my January list: it is vegan and gets the week off to a super organised start with many meals from 1 big pot. There is a lot of talk about veganism and a lot of…Read More