Enjoying this glorious sun with the kids in the garden. We were in need of a treat, something easy, nutritious, cooling and available in our cupboards. A 2 minute whiz in the nutribullet and we were all happy slurping on our ice cream! Sugar free, dairy free healthy deliciousness:


2 frozen bananas sliced (any bananas going black in the fruit bowl just slice and keep in the freezer, great for smoothies as well)
250g frozen fruit (we used raspberries but blueberries are also delicious or strawberries or mango or a mixture)
1tbsp flax oil (optional – I find it’s easier to blend with a bit of oil and a great way to sneak some healthy oil into the kids’ diet!)
Drizzle maple syrup or honey to taste

Throw all ingredients in a strong blender and blend until smooth. If you take the fruit out of the freezer 5 minutes before blending it will make it a bit easier.

Let us know in the comments below what fruit ice cream you made. And then get out into the sunshine and enjoy your healthy ice cream!





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